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we are 5PM

A YouTube Strategy & Services Agency

we are 5pm

A YouTube Strategy & Services Agency

What does 5PM do?

5PM helps publishers and brands achieve more success on YouTube. Together with the client, we ensure more views, watch time, advertising revenue and more leads and conversions. We started in 2018 because we are convinced that YouTube offers enormous opportunities and possibilities for publishers and brands. Opportunities we can utilise together! Curious about our services? View them below.

Our services


YouTube Strategy

Without strategy, no long-term impact. That is why we help our clients with a content, distribution and/or conversion strategy on YouTube.


YouTube Reviews

We do a very thorough analysis of your current YouTube activities. For more than 100 points, we look for improvements and provide concrete recommendations to achieve more results quickly.

YouTube Optimisation

We make YouTube channels, YouTube playlists and YouTube videos easier to find. We also ensure that your video is recommended more often, resulting in higher rankings, more views and a higher return on YouTube.

Data Driven Content Creation

Create video content based on data & insights. Not on a gut feeling. We provide concrete recommendations for what YouTube content has the best chance of being successful.

YouTube Advertising

Curious about how you can advertise smartly and effectively on YouTube? We can help you with that. With our specific advertising knowledge on YouTube, we organise the campaigns optimally for the highest possible ROI.

YouTube Channel Management

We not only help with a (new) strategy, but also with its deployment and implementation. Do you need help with that? Our YouTube Consultant can help you with that.

5PM Advertising Network

Higher CPMs and more advertising revenue on YouTube? Connect your YouTube channel to our Premium Advertising Network!

Training and Inspiration Sessions

We also share our knowledge and passion in the form of training and inspiration sessions. Always current, but especially in-depth and complete!

Digital Rights Management

We protect and manage your content on YouTube (and Facebook) for complete control and more revenue.

Creative Content Support

We support the development of a creative concept or format for showing on YouTube.

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